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Monday, July 28, 2014

Jul 27...bug bites and lessons

This week was a complete turn around from last week and I am sure there are a lot of things that contributed to that but I am so grateful for the ups and downs of missionary work because it makes the ups seem a lot better haha. Kaylynn put a quote on facebook this week that really explains my week and the gratitude that has come from the hard couple of weeks before that. "When was the last time that you thanked the Lord for a trial or tribulation? Adversity compels us to go to our knees; does gratitude for adversity do that as well?" -Bonnie D. Parkin So this week I want to explain all the hard things I am grateful for because it made me see more joy in the little things. 

Exchanges: This week we got to do exchanges with the sister training leaders from saskatoon! It was fun because i got to be with sister mcphee again and its always fun to be able to spend a day with old companions. Plus this exchange was exactly what me, our area, and my companionship needed to get a good start on the last nine weeks of my mission. We got to go to the food bank and really get some extra work done there because we had two extra hands and they were really appreciative. They say we are there most reliable helpers and they LOVE having us come in. It was nice to be able to feel like we are having a positive influence with our service work, because we were doing so much we were worried it wasnt being effective but even the little things make an impact. And having the extra hands was a blessing for sure because we usually dont get as much done as we want to just due to not enough time. Just so you know what we do at the food bank is we make hampers of food for families, doubles, and individuals. All of the food is donated and then given to those who need it the most. Its fun because sometimes we throw in little extras like some cookies or chips and think of how surprised people will be, even though no one will probably notice haha. The food bank is the best! Then sister mcphee and i both werent feeling the best. We were willing to push it off and keep working but sister bronson was insistant we rest because we made her rest the last time she came on exchanges.... haha sister mchpee slept which was good and i shut my brain off for a little bit which was nice but apparently i didnt get the memo heavenly father was trying to tell me (yes dad i know i need to take care of myself, dont worry i got it now) becuase he gave me a lot of other opportunities this week to rest... and finally i had to take on, but thats another story all in itself. Then we got to teach lessons... as two companionship's we taught five lessons, found two new investigators, did service, and were able to go to young womens and other things to help with ward trust. It was really good! I am so grateful that the sister training leaders were able to come in! 

This week the SPCA (where we walk the dogs) turned out to be more then we thought it would be. We went and FINALLY finished the dog houses, two pair of pants (luckily one of them were sweats) covered in paint later those things are FINALLY done! Hopefully cute little spot likes them because that was way more difficult then painting walls in a house. Then they asked us if we could come saturday morning and help set up for their grand opening. They just barely moved to a new location which is a lot nicer then the one they were at. They were having a day with blow up toys, a bbq, and a chance to meet the animals and wanted help to make sure it was all ready to go. We told them we would try to make it but didnt promise anything incase we were unable to make it. but eight o clock in the morning six missionaries

Well I dont know if I have told you this already or not but our car here in prince albert is a nail magnet... So I am pretty sure it was last week we got a nail in our tire and while fixing it they realized that one of the lug nuts was shredded and they had to break off the lug nut and the stud to get the tire back on. So we have been driving around with only four lug nuts on one wheel. It makes all the elders worried because its not a normal thing that happens but even though the guy at the tire place thought we were stupid, and the fleet coordinator lives almost 12 hours away, and we now have to take in the car this upcoming week to get it fixed it brought a lot of appreciation for our car and the fact that we have one, and we have even mentioned charley (thats our cars name charles darwin jacoby IV) more in our prayers. 

I helped build a fence this week. It was crazy! We sawed and helped but in the screws and no one got too hurt haha. It was fun to able to spend all day in pants... haha this area is really helping me get use to being in pants again. minor miracle. The family that we helped build the fence for is great! the wife is so funny she is a lot like me. She is spunky and can do anything for herself that she wants to and i look up to her alot... and the relationship she has with her husband is so funny... sometimes i wish you could just teleport here and meet all of these people but i will have stories for you when i get home... Lots of stories! 

Now the story of the attack of the KILLER BEES. we found out this morning that we have been infested with bees and its the worst! fourteen of them! I counted fourteen of them that i could see. I dont do bees, or bugs... end of story... thanks mom i will go buy a trap now... STUPID!!! oh and i got fourteen mosquito bites..... why bugs...anybody want to explain that one to me. please and thank you. 

The people we met this week to start teaching and hopefully helping them progress to baptism are SOOOO great! there is a girl who is living with a recent convert we work with and she is sooo prepared! we are so excited for our lesson with her tomorrow. and then we found another lady whose family has just gotten through a hard time and are looking for continual happiness. we are hoping the gospel can bring them that. Thank you for all your prayers and love! i miss you all!  

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