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Monday, July 28, 2014

July transfer and monster trucks

So this week was transfers and full of changes but it has been a GREAT week!

Monday and Tuesday were full of goodbyes... it was so hard for me to say good bye to Sister du Plessis but she is needed in Winnipeg and will do great things there.. we even had a goodbye celebration full of KD and diet coke! She knew me too well.. :)

Wednesday I got to go to the BEAUTIFUL town of SASKATOON!!!! I love my random trips into the place that still holds part of my heart because it just reminds me that even though I have to leave for a little bit that will always be there and I will be able to visit again sometime soon. The City of Dreams, and Bridges, and Friends! I love it there! 

Then Thursday I got to spend some time at the doctors. Like three to four hours at the doctor haha! Which is apparently pretty good. Got some blood work done, felt like i was getting jibbed because i had to pay for my blood test because i wasn't Canadian. I guess me being half Canadian is only so helpful across boarders. :) But after my poor new companion Sister Hudson spent all day with me at the doctor I was able to leave with pills that might be able to help me with my shaking and an hour and a half car ride home! 

Friday and Saturday we got to do the WEIRDEST THING! President Thomas gave us permission to help with a Monster Truck Show. The lady who is in charge of it is a member from oregon called the church building asking for volunteers and the bishop said he didn't have many members but he would offer what he could and he had six missionaries that could help. So for two shows i got to be a bouncer taking tickets and trying to smile at the people that were not happy that they couldn't re-enter if they left. Sorry people, I am just doing what I am told. 

Sunday was rather disappointing as those who were committed to come to church seemed to follow through with the sleeping in that i want to do every other day. But we did see some incredible things this week! Brother J*** prayed for the first time that i have ever heard! We had people who were reading that had before said they were too shy and we were able to have seven lessons in three days which is good things are starting to pick up again! That's why when not everyone who said they were coming came to church it hurt my heart, because church is such a revelatory experience! EVERYONE that said they were coming needed to hear something that was prepared and presented that's why we invite them to go to church. I think my mission has taught me so much about the importance of church and the experiences that can come from it! I am grateful for that! 

I am so excited for this next transfer. Its weird to think after this i will only have eleven more times to email home.. then i can talk to you in person. But me and sister Hudson made a goal to find a new investigator every week so if you could PLEASE pray that would help us out a lot!!!!! With this time I have left (which I am trying to convince myself is a lot) I want to work super hard, because if I slow down i will regret it! So all your prayers will help! THANK YOU!!!! LOVE YOU!

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