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Monday, July 28, 2014

Jul 21...finding

This week was good! We saw so many different miracles in ways that we
> didn't even expect to. Me and Sister Hudson are getting use to each other
> which is always the fun part of getting a new companion. We laugh through
> planning sometimes (I think its because I'm exhausted and she likes to
> laugh at me. but thats besides the point) But it always seems that with a
> new companion comes new goals. So we have made a goal to get into three new
> members houses a week. These are houses that neither I nor Sister Hudson
> have been to before. It was a goal Heavenly Father helped us accomplish
> even though we forgot all about it... haha and it came in the form of
> goodies! YAY TREATS! We also made a goal to find a new investigator each
> week. We didnt reach that this week which was kind of discouraging even
> though I tried harder to find then I have in a LONG time. But we have a lot
> of good things set up for this upcoming week which is encouraging!
> It seems like funny things happen all week but i sit down to write my email
> and go blank! its the worst!
> Here are some of the highlights of my week that i remember. We went out to
> dinner to a members house that lives thirty minutes away on sunday. They
> literally live in the middle of no where. haha welcome to PA, but its
> always fun to drive out there and the members here are so nice. this ward
> is like a family. I am so excited that I am here and I love getting to know
> the ward members here more.
> Monday we had FHE with the YSA here in the ward! Four people showed up and
> it was SUPER fun! We played card games and if you lost you had to eat some
> NASTY asian food... I had smoked squid, you could still see its dangly
> things... tenticals i think they are called, and everything! it was gross.
> Tuesday we had an incredible district meeting on following up on potential
> investigators. It wasnt like any district meeting i have ever had before
> but it was REALLY good! Then we went to the SPCA and got to volunteer with
> the dogs there which is good and we were able to teach the J*** family
> which is our focus family right now. That house consists of less actives,
> investigators, and a recent convert haha there is always something that can
> be taught or someone to focus on.
> Wednesday we had a crazy lesson day. We met with D*** and she is GOLDEN!
> we found her doing service and she is seriously incredible. says she has
> felt more peace then she has in her entire life and she is SUPER excited
> and open to read the book of mormon. Then guess what... we got ANOTHER flat
> tire, which how many car problems i have had on my mission I am suprised i
> havent been cut off from cars completely but there was another nail in the
> tire, and apparently my lug nut got shredded so now that needs replaced
> too.... haha I KNOW WHAT A LUG NUT IS... its crazy, I have changed a tire,
> learned what a lug nut is, unclogged a sink, and learned how to sew. My
> mission has taught me real life skills.
> Thursday we ended up singing for like two hours. The ward wants us sisters
> to be part of two musical performances and it is INSANE! i aint that good
> of a singer but apparently im good enough haha... hopefully i dont make
> anyone deaf with my singing. oh and PS I HATE MOSQUITOES!!!!! hate hate
> hate them. I have been bit like 20 times this past week and im done...
> someone better explain to me why this little creature is on the earth so i
> can find some love for it because right now i have none... absolutely none.
> It reminded me of the sinsects article mom sent me and it has made me look
> at the other things i should hate. The book of mormon tells us that we
> should hate sin... hopefully i can get better at that too :)
> Friday we tried having another movie night. We watched tangled. It was fun!
> We were able to talk someone we were working with to coming to it too. We
> have on average about 12 people there and we are hoping that more people
> come out to it so we can use it as a finding opportunity. But for the movie
> night we went to walmart to get some popcorn... walmart on friday night in
> prince albert is a HORRIBLE idea! haha it was so busy and we only had 15
> minutes then we had to go to an appointment and i was getting so worried we
> weren't going to make it but then the nicest lady ever let us cut in line.
> We prayed the world would be nice to her for the generous gesture she gave
> Saturday and sunday were full of trying to find with no avail but it gave
> us a lot of appointments for next week! I still love being a missionary
> even though the end is so near! and I am grateful for everything the lord
> has taught me! I LOVE YOU ALL... miss you like crazy, wish i could be with
> you right now! Tell me a miracle you see in your next email! LOVE YOU!
> i attached the picture of my car after the ysa and elders got ahold of it
> haha... and me and my comp.. sorry its blurry im shaky for some reason haha

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