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Monday, July 28, 2014

July 7...independence week

So this week was crazy! We did so much service it was hard to get lessons in. But we are hoping with all this service we will be able to see things come from it. But let me tell you about our festive activities!
On Canada Day the ward does a fundraiser for the scouts and youth programs and asked for the missionaries help... ALL DAY! Its so different to be in an area that is so reliant on missionaries to get things done. But we helped... From nine in the morning until six at night we were at the park. And what did they have us doing. FACEPAINT! by the end of the day i swore if i ever saw another face to paint again i would go crazy. Together me and sister du plessis probably painted a hundred faces each. Which is crazy because facepainting was three dollars a face! But i attached some pictures of my work! It was a fun day. I only got bit five times by mosquitoes which drove me absolutely bonkers and got a nice sunburn that turned into a tan the next day but the ward was able to earn a lot of money for the youth programs which is good! Then we had sports night, where we got to play basketball and then i was lame and was in bed before 11 at night so TOTALLY missed the fireworks, thats okay i will see them next year. 
Wednesday we got to go to saskatoon for a zone training meeting. For kaylynn these are probably like right within thirty minutes of where she is at. for me... we had to drive an hour and a half for the meeting, then went out to lunch with the zone, then had to wait for our district leader to be done with his meeting before we could drive a hour and a half back. all in all we left at eight in the morning to get to the meeting and got back barely by five that night. It was so crazy how meetings take out so much of our day! Then we went and had dinner at a members house. We had sweet potato spaghetti. it was actually really good. Then again missionaries to the rescue as we helped back up a member to move. Elder Schmidt is a tetris master! we literally packed this family in the SMALLEST trailer ever! it incredible we got everything in! 
Then thursday we had a ton of service opportunities that just took up a ton of time. We went to as good as new and the spca... we painted dog houses all day. they still arent done and they are the UGLIEST color! and the paint ruined my pants! ruined it! thank goodness they are service pants. Then we had dinner and ward council. I love the new bishop here! he is incredible and his goal is to make the ward two wards in five years. Talk about a goal! i am so excited to be part of the missionary work here as it happens.
Friday we had a scare with an investigator and spent a lot of time at the hospital making sure she was okay! so if you can keep her in your prayers that would mean a lot! Then we had a dinner appointment where it was more like a sauna but it was SOOOO much fun! Then yes for the fourth of july we got to watch frozen. our ward is trying to do a movie night and it is SOOO good! we had about 20 people there which was fun! and then the ward suggested things to make movie nights better so its hopefully gonna keep going. And kade let it go is one of my favorite songs right now. 
Saturday we tried to finish the dog houses. They are still undone and its really annoying I am getting tired of paint. Then we had ward correlation at I LOVE the direction this ward is going! Its gonna be so great! 
I am grateful for the freedom that we have! I am grateful to be a missionary! and I am grateful for my saviour Jesus Christ!

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