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Monday, July 15, 2013

July week of faith

The week started off with a good bang as us sisters had a sister lunch. It's crazy that not even a year ago there was only one set of sisters in the city and now there are four or more.... :) we are growing so much.
 So I have found this lactose free milk that tastes pretty good and we usually get that (all my companions have been super supportive) but this is the second time that my fake milk has been curdled.... HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE! Spoiled Fake Milk=Bane of my EXISTANCE! I hate it so much! I just want to be a normal kid who can drink normal milk and love her normal life. Oh speaking of being normal im finally a girl who screams around spiders... dont like them... in fact one decided to make a home in our pot and i was not amused. Then i went to go have cookies and fake milk on the porch to make me feel better and i completely ran into the screen door... almost broke it. That would have been bad, but instead i just got to wear my milk. But eeehh, thats life. What are you going to do about it? :) Oh the elders have a NASTY gigantic gummer bear in the office that they all eat off of. Do you know how many germs that bear probably has on it now? Oh i officially have 31 mosquito bites... majority of which have taken over my legs and feet. Finally bought some OFF so thats good! ooops :) Oh and I get a canadian drivers license this week!!!! yay! Sister Christensen hit her one month mark and to celebrate we found snow.... well we did find snow but we werent looking for it. it was on one of our adventures where i had NO idea where i was going.... we usually find the best things on those.

There was just so much that happened this week. We practised for a musical fireside we are going to be putting on... It is about families being forever and it is going to be a great way to praise the joy that comes from eternal families. I actually gave a talk this week about families too. I was asked to give a talk on why i came on a mission and when thinking about it i boiled it down to one word. FAMILY! The gospel has allowed my family to be together forever and i want to share that gift with others. (oh and i did my talk with no script, all from my heart, president and sister thomas showed up and they enjoyed it which means it was a success!) There was a baptism this week in St. James ward! It was so good to see someone make that commitment. It helps me renew my commitment to do better and be better! I even got to see sister rush a little this week and that was nice. She is always a boost of energy when she is around. We saw a lot of new people this week. We went to a members house and got to meet her fiance and she gave us a whole bag of stuff which included new shoes and some jewelry... apparently she was just getting rid of it so she thought we were poor and could use it... How sweet! We went to an appointment with the elders with this couple where She got baptised a year or so ago and he is now investigating. He is a finder.... he drives around and picks up random stuff comes home and resales it or keeps is so he has a lot of hidden treasures around his house. My favorite was a little frog he found it had a crown on it and diamond looking things and it was super pretty..... I wonder what he will find each week for the rest of the transfer :). Their story is so cute though. She got converted and when he asked for his old wife back she said she's gone and shes not coming back. now you can either join me or get over it. haha now he is taking the lessons for the third time. He really does love her and i think he will get baptized one day! We also met an investigator the elders gave to us that "has doubts"... it just goes to show that everything you do matters and that you have to be patient and loving and trust in gods timing... she said she will turn around and expects us to call weekly... see things work out. Then we went to this members house and they fed us phillipino food! oh how i love it!!!!!! Their youngest daughter is so cute and drew us a picture of an american flag! apparently she thought we missed home and now its up in our apartment so apparently we did.

Why i call this week a week of faith is we have done a LOT of contacting this week! We have tracted for a good three hours and done tons of street contacting which means my week was full of door slammings, grumpy people, and four potential investigators. It was fun! Oh and when we street contacted this one guy i got 15 misquito bites right then and there and all i was trying to do was explain to him that we weren't two tribes created by joseph smith who killed each other... im trying to decided if it was worth the sacrifice of my legs. It ended up being worth it later because we found bobby! He is one of our new investigators and he was out on his lawn when we found him. He invited us to the back where his wife was cooking and we taught him the first lesson. He asked so many questions and is letting us come back to teach him more! I am super excited... I dont even know how to contain it sometimes AHHHHHH!!!! But I wanted to also tell you about Blanca. she is our other new investigator. She is a former investigator where it looks like her husband was more of the focus so we are going back to teach her. She speaks hardly any english but i think with a translator we will be okay! I know that we were able to find these two new investigators because of your prayers so thank you! Thank you for keeping your brothers and sisters in mind so we can help bring them into the fold and remind them of their divine potential. The other people we are teaching are doing so good! Our twelve year old said the closing prayer at the end of our first discussion and wanted to not leave town so she could go to mutual... that is a HUGE step! We had to tell a less active that a member who has really helped her out from another ward passed away. I hate being the bearer of bad news... and I guess im not so sure how to deal with crying people either... maybe thats something i need to learn out here! But speaking of learning we had specialized training this week with the assistants and that helped SOOO MUCH! Its nice to have a direction, a real direction, on how i can improve myself. With all the slow days and everything not starting the way i want it to its nice to have reminders from the assistants, letters, emails, and scriptures that i am enough, i do enough, and god is pleased with my efforts. I am proud to be a missionary and Im excited for the future!



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