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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 2...transfers and change

I cannot believe three months have come and gone... I feel like it was just yesterday i stepped off the plane and I have been here for 1/6 of my mission (sister hutchinson was a time counter :P) This new place is so great! I am excited for the adventures and friends I am going to make here and the work that needs to be done. I was transferred to the St. James ward still here in Winnipeg. I now get to drive a 2013 Subaru that only had 39 kilometers on it when i was given the keys. My new companions name is Andrea Christensen. She is from Salem Utah and competed in Jr. miss and is just super bubbly and fun! I like her. And she is considered my 'daughter'.... haha your finally grandparents congratulations. how does that make you feel, old?! me too! I realized that christmas is our nine month mark and my mouth almost dropped. Time on the mission is weird. So yes that picture you got was of me and my new companion and then sister hutchinson and her new companion and then a sister who is headed to Regina. Then in the middle is Sister Menlove I think. President just found out I grew up in Idaho and he was like, OH your one of my Idaho missionaries with a big smile on his face. But he is keeping me running. with training I feel a lot more responsibility on my shoulders and it can be daunting sometimes but I know the lord wouldn't ask me to do it if I couldn't. Plus I feel like sister christensen is training me more than not. She is the cutest thing. Our new ward is a lot different then the last one I was in. A lot of elderly sisters but it will be fun! We already have a new investigator who is eleven and we have one appointment every day this week, and we get to go to mutual. I miss six hours of church but maybe I will just soak in the three I have more then. We live in the apartment complex of the YSA sisters and our district leader. We live on the same floor as the YSA sisters and have had dinner already together which was nice because we had NO food when we got there. but its been fun and I have nothing but hope for the future. Change is hard mom... you move in and fall in love with the area and the people you serve with.... but then you move, your heart is broken only for a moment and then you fall in love all over again.... Dating got me super prepared for this hahaha JKJK JK but I know the Lord is my constant and I know that for me and my mission I will always serve the lord! love you all!

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