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Monday, July 8, 2013

july 8th...Hello world!

Okay so I tried really hard to write things down this week so I can remember my week and be able to give you better emails.
  Adam is home.... Its crazy how time flies. I feel like its just yesterday he left which is funny because I remember being home I thought he had been out for ages... but he's home! It is just proof how short this time is compared to life and I am determined to spend my mission with no regrets because it is really short.

Me and sister Hutchinson always got puking stories at appointments and it looks like me and sister Christensen will be getting the topic of labor pains. Why anyone thinks I would want to hear about that right now or EVER I have no idea but I just politely smile and nod.... smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

   Sister Christensen says when ever you see your pinky remember the little things because the lord is in the details... she is so spiritual and she works so hard it is a blessing to have her. 

   Everyone in this big city just loves my Idaho driving.... I have been honked at three times at least for things that aren't my fault I swear. Luckily no accidents and there have been no freezers for me to run into! :)

   We had poutine... unfortunately it was at dairy queen and it was kind of gross (compared to waterton) but sister Christensen had never had it before and so we ate it... all for the experience right, I have eaten a lot of weird things that way.

   We meet with this less active and her daughter who is investigating at this cafe. Its called Stellas cafe and it smells SUPER GOOD! it is officially my favorite place to teach. It is so warm and cozy and the smells are like heaven and the bread always looks so tempting.... mmhmmmm :)

   We got to go to mutual this week and we did t-shirts... I wrote CWM on the front and on the back I had "leave your mark" with foot prints. It was really fun to get to know the girls and I think it was good for them to get to know us in a more casual setting. I hope we can be an example to the youth in this ward because I have a feeling that is where most of our work is going to be.

   I got lost for forty five minutes once.... and that's with me not being prideful about my directions,.... people keep telling me east west north south AHHHHHHHHH.... Plus there are no mountains so I have no idea where I am going! I only had half a map of the city of Winnipeg and of course I had to get lost on the side I don't have... I actually ended up leaving the city which is a big NO NO and finally found my way to down town which is also out of my area. By the time someone had finally answered the phone I was already to a street I knew and pretty sure i was even more closer to tears. I hate directions and I hate being lost.

   Sister S*** went home for medical reasons.... I pray she will be okay. I love her! Its been hard in a sixth of our mission a third of our MTC district has gone home....

   Sister Rush and I had a sleep over this week! We had exchanges because I was invited to attend MLC which is missionary Leadership council. It was an honor to be allowed to go, sit in, and participate in leadership council... A little intimidating too. But I learned so much and I know a lot of what was spoken there were for different people but during ever portion (this is an entire day meeting) I took something home with me that I was able to apply to my life and companionship. It was at Mossimen (probably not how you spell it) which was 4 hours from Winnipeg... I actually made it to Saskatchewan... while you were probably still in Alberta too :) crazy. It was super fun! I got to see Elder Stoker over video skype because he gave us some training along with Elder Brower (went to high school with him). I also got to do a four hour car ride back with a van full of elders and me and sister rush because the assistants needed my car. That was such a neat experience and they were able to freestyle beat box the first discussion. They are so impressive.

   We decided to get rid of how are you? (the question).... Its super hard, its kind of a fall back question and it seems EVERYONE here asks it.... we will see how successful we are at that.

   We had dinner with the YSA sisters because they live on our floor. That was SUPER fun! We ate way too many fortune cookies followed by a large conversation.... It was a good change.

   We called this old lady and she asked us to pray for her over the phone... right there and then. It was a neat experience. She wasn't a member and as we closed the prayer she stated how much she appreciated the sincerity of our prayers. She is super great! We hope with continual phone calls she will allow us to come meet her and teach her.

   On sunday we got to attend primary. Sister Christensen's piano skills were needed and I got to help with the kids. My young at heart life was super happy to have time in primary again and I hope we get to return and help some more :)

   My ward has a lot of old ladies in it. They are super funny and they are all so excited to have sisters in their ward because now they can finally get visits from missionaries.. They all talk your ear off but they are so sweet you cant even really care about that.

   We also got to have dinner with a senior couple named the Menloves (Kaylynn actually met them in the MTC) They are super funny and they are so sweet. I just love them to death. Its like having grandparents nearby why you deal with yours being so far away! They really take good care of us and they made home cooked rolls.... DELICIOUS!

  We have been doing lots of finding this week because its a new area with little to no success so I wanted to try something. We have made a goal to have two new investigators this week and I was curious if you would help by praying for that goal with us. I know the lord can bless us with this and we are willing and ready to put in the work.

   Hope is something we all need. Hope for the future, hope for happiness, hope for love, hope for blessings. Without hope we are lost, impatient, irrational, and a little hard on ourselves. I hope you all can find hope you in your week as I search for hope in mine. Love you all so much!!!!!!!


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