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Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7...general conference

This week was a great week! We seem to be struggling with cancelations and no shows still but its not due to lack of effort on our part. We make lots of phone calls and when we don't hear from them we stop by anyway and we love it! well trying to anyways we would love to teach way more! It will get there!
We were able to find two new investigators this week and we were really excited! Its from a part member family we have been trying to get into forever and they want the daughter to be baptized but the mom is sitting in on lessons... We see their potential and know that even if it isn't us who gets them there they will accept the gospel at some point! That's how a lot of the people we have been working with has felt like... that even though it may not be us they will get there... the spirit has testified to them now its just all up to gods timing!
We had the most incredible experience street contacting this week. I was stressed and so i just pulled over and said okay lets go were are going street contacting. Its not the most effective way but its a good way to get stress out and that's what i needed right then. We hadn't even walked five minutes when we passed the first person on the street (for this city being HUGE there isnt a lot of people on the streets) We stopped him and gave him a card and instead of moving on like we usually do we decided to ask more questions. We asked him if he had heard of mormons... you would be surprised how many people up here have heard of mormons because of salt lake. Then he started off by telling us he was christian and he really appreciated people who knew christ and i got discouraged because thats the excuse we get when people don't want to listen to us... well sister fellows dislikes that excuse a lot and so she reminded me of what i'm doing by saying that's great your christian in fact we go around and show others how they can increase their faith in christ... do you think your faith in christ can be increased. He said yes. we told him the message we go around and share brings peace and hope to our lives and we wanted to share it with him. He was really excited by the fact that we were willing to stand out in the cold to teach him and was open to what we had to hear. We talked a little bit more about healing and peace and got his name and phone number. He really needs the gospel in his life we are excited to help him come closer to christ. Before he left i asked if i could give him a gift.... that morning i thought it was strange i had a book of mormon in my bag but not strange enough to take it out until this point. Now he was tearing up as i handed him the book of mormon and told him that this is where i have found my peace. He said he would cherish the book and was really excited to meet with us. We both knew at that point we could stop street contacting because god had shown us a miracle!
We also attended all the sessions of conference (except priesthood) in our stake building! Conference was so great... i wrote down some of the quotes that really stuck out to me and wanted to share them with you.
'doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith' Uchtdorf
'i gave him to you because i knew you could and would love him' Erying
'no one can be converted for you and no one can force you to be converted' Oscarson
'dont forget to look up' Ochoa
'your body is a temple of god, remember that when you look in the mirror' Nelson
I know that i am a daughter of a loving heavenly father! I know that Jesus Christ lives and is my savior and friend. I know that i was sent to be a Harrison because they would, could and have loved me and i am so happy i get to be with them forever! I have learned to look up and i hope to never change my view and i have become converted to the gospel more than ever before due to me serving my god! Its so great to be a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints but its even better to be me while doing it! I love you all!!!!!

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  1. Sister Harrison, you won't be able to read this till you get home, but I'm Sister Fellows' mom and she feels the same way about you that you feel about her. Thank you for being such a great support to her! I hope you two can remain companions for a good long time! :)