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Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 15...once upon a time

Once upon a time there were these two missionaries and they were serving in canada....
I start my letter this week that way because i truly feel like im in a dream! We have been blessed so much and I cannot even show my gratitude for all the things the lord has provided this week! We have spent most of the days this week raking leaves with our elders for investigators, members, and less actives in our area! It has brought us a lot closer together and helped with the unity we were searching for! Not only that but the members have started to trust us more and invite us into their homes which is so great! We also had an incredible zone conference on thursday where we learned more about having faith in the lord to find. I cannot tell you how inspiring that was and how much i really needed to hear what president and sister thomas had to tell us! But then came weekly planning and as we talked about what we had accomplished this week according to the standards set by the mission we were both getting a little discouraged. We were feeling like we were working so hard but all we had been able to report on so far was one less active lesson in the week. We had met with lots of members and done tons of different finding things but none of that seemed to show and results that ended in numbers. I remember one night i was trying hard not to be discouraged and so me and sister fellows had a talk. We decided it didnt matter what our numbers were we both had prayed and felt good about our week and if god thinks we are good missionaries then thats all we need to worry about. Well apparently thats what was needed because then we were blessed with miracle after miracle. E*** is one of my favorite people in the st james ward. Him and his wife S*** and j** and l*** V*** are like my adopted aunts and uncles out here! they take such good care of me and they really care about me. They even pick on me.... ALL THE TIME.... but E*** is what you call an enternigator.... he has been investigating for close to three years and was determined he wasnt getting baptized when i first got into this area. S*** his wife got baptized a couple years ago and was just patiently waiting for him! Well this week he got baptized! He finally decided to take the plunge and he is now a member of the church. One year from now he and his wife will get to be sealed and it was SOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!! that was our first miracle for the weekend. One of the investigators we had been trying to meet with again, she is twelve, finally got back to us last minute on friday night and told us to come at 9 o clock the next morning. so we did! and We talked about baptism... we were nervous to ask if that was something she still wanted and she said maybe. We left it at that and kept working hard! She came to church with us the next day and after sacrament meeting came up to me and said ive decided yes. I was confused on what she had decided so i asked for more of an explanation and she said I'm going to be baptized!!!!!!!! i was so excited i almost screamed! We are setting a date with her on saturday and then we just keep going strong from there! But our fairytale didn't end there. The guy i told you about that we street contacted last week... his name is H***... well we had been trying to find him all week with no luck when we got a phone call saying he would be joining us at church... We prayed and prayed all week that we would see him at church and as ten rolled closer and closer we were getting nervous we werent going to be seeing him but low and behold there he come walking through the door! He even had the book of mormon we had given him the night we met him. I sat by him in sacrament while sister fellows sat by S*** and so i got to explain some of what we were doing to him and help him through scrpitures and other stuff to understand. He cried during the opening hymn saying that it was written just for him! Not only that but he loved all the talks and when i asked him how he felt at the end he just said i needed that you girls saved me that day you talked to me. We were able to set up a time that we could visit him this next week and he recommited himself to church saying next time i will be better dressed. He is so incredible and im so excited to be able to start teaching him! And it doesnt even stop there. We decided to go and see some formers before our dinner appointment with the Menloves (one of the senior couples in our mission) We went to this apartment complex we have tried a couple of times and buzzed, with no success.... Then we started talking to the neighbors that were hanging out outside. They said they knew our formers and that they had just went in... one of them let us into the building and lead us right to them. Their names are E*** and E***. We started introducing ourselves and offering our services, we werent even half way through when we were asked if they could have an appointment with us. We of course readily agreed and set up a time for this next week and asked if they had time there where we could share a short message. We had a thanksgiving message prepared for people we stop by and were able to share about gratitude! They were so excited for us to come back and we just felt blessed to be missionaries. Even though on friday we were determined that we weren't going to be able to report much we were able to find three new people who wanted to learn the gospel, two of our investigators showed up to church and one of them decided to be baptized! It was a dream come true for everyone and because its thanksgiving we even got some pumpkin with it too!
So in the pictures is me and sister fellows my companion! There is also a picture of my adopted st james family.... .... im so excited to have met them all!!!!!


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