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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct mission changes forever

So.... I'm leaving winnipeg... Im actually doing it and making the jump! I have been called to serve is saskatoon which apparently is a lot prettier than winnipeg, thats all people have been able to tell me. I cant spell my companions name, or the ward i will be serving with, and im nervous beyond belief to be NINE HOURS away from the city.... it will feel like a whole new mission out there. But it will all be okay... Elder Mohlman (my zone leader) will be going out with me to be in my ward! Elder Judkins (my professors son) will be my other zone leader and Elder Wiltse (from my MTC district) will be my district leader so i know things will all be okay.
Even with the nerves of all these changes we still had an incredible week.... We taught six member present lessons. that's the most i have EVER taught in one week on my mission! We had two new investigators, two baptismal dates and two investigators who attended church and they are all incredible. It was a good week!
Henry, the guy we street contacted, has decided to get baptized we are working on getting him ready for Janurary if not early and we are SUPER excited about it! He is already sharing the gospel and going to invite on of his neighbors to join us! its so good!
We had a relief soceity activity and we had three non-members there which is just inspiring, the people here are really stepping it up and helping where needed!
Silvia the twelve year old we are teaching is getting baptized too in December and that is SOOOO exciting!
I think the hardest part about this week was the good byes i have already had to say. I really really love this ward, they mean a lot to me and i could stay here for a while longer! We had a family have us and elder hatch and elder sorenson (elder hatch is going to thompson) over for a good bye dinner and made us sushi. It was so good. But i think the best part is what they told us at the end. They thanked  us for our service and told us that even if we go home feeling like we have done nothing that we have made a difference to their family and they are grateful we came out. it was so nice. I also got a thank you card from llewellyn and silvia thanking me for being here. Silvia even p.s.ed me that i was her new best friend. I have really loved this ward and i have felt their love for me. I am excited for the lasting friendships i have gained here and im trying to look forward to the friendships i will gain in saskatoon! Here we go change!!!!!
oh ps...
at pday activity today we won a blender! YAY for foosball champions!!!!!!!!

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