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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aug 25...From one side of the mission to the other

Saying goodbyes are really hard and this week I had some hard goodbyes to say! Its weird to think that these people can have such an impact on my life in such a short time but I hope to never forget the experiences I have had. So I am gonna start off this letter with a list of hard goodbyes I had to say! 
My district and other missionaries: Usually saying goodbye to missionaries is the easiest because you know you 'might' see them again through transfers or after the mission but I won't see these missionaries again unless I see them after the mission. And then on my travels I got to see old companions and friends that I just probably won't see for a while. The missionaries around you really become your family out here! I love them all oh so much! I have made a lot of eternal friendships out here that I plan on keeping around for a while. 
The YSA/Young Women of the Prince Albert ward: Those girls are incredible they really made me feel loved while I was up there and it was so sad to say goodbye to them! They have great things ahead of them and I hope they realize the impact they can make. Such powerful girls! 
The Kiefer's and Mavis: I swear in every area i got to there is one or more people who 'adopt' me. This is my Prince Albert mom and aunt and they are so incredible and so supportive. they told me if i ever came and visited i would have a place to stay! i may take them up on that one day! 
Cooks: I feel like i should never have had to say goodbye to them but president was kind enough to let me go anyways and that was SUCH A HARD GOODBYE! the hardest part was sheila walking me to my car and holding my hand and telling me she loves me but i have to move on with my life that i cant stay here or i wont grow and that she loves me. I love that woman so much! I am so incredibly happy I came on my mission so i could meet that family! 

Then off to my 11 hour car ride that went over two days to get from Prince Albert, SK to Selkirk, MB! It started with me and sister hudson driving down to saskatoon and then i lost my companion and was placed with wait not another sister... nope... instead with three elders... so for three hours i was in the car alone with three elders and HOLY was that weird. haha we ended up finally finding something to talk about but I was so excited to see sisters again when i arrived to Regina. In Regina we stayed with the sunrise sisters (sister meservey and sister fellows were there) and then at five thirty in the morning we had to be at the church ready to drive to winnipeg... so with no sleep and little time to get ready off we went on a six hour car ride in petunia my purple vibe from saskatoon! She drives horribly just so everyone is aware (petunia not sister fellows) but we safely made it to winnipeg that was followed by big hugs from sister thomas and sister menlove. seeing old companions, a special ordered pizza because sister menlove loves me and meeting my new companion sister porter... and would you think my traveling was done there... NOPE! I then got in the car with sister porter and traveled for an our to selkirk... but we finally made it! :) 

Now that i have given you a run down of what consisted of most of my week let me tell you some of the fun stuff that happened. 
I wrestled with C*** who is one of the young women up in prince albert... she thought it was lame the boys could wrestle but we couldnt and i told her we could so she was like REALLY and came to sports night and had me wrestle her... she taught me a few things and was sure she was gonna beat me... little did she know i am pretty tough so after we both threw each other once we called it a day because we were both tired. 

In selkirk we got to see some incredible people so far. Some of our recent converts were the first stop we made and they gave me a big old welcome hug and it was the best! im so excited to be here. Then we also met T and D who are our new investigators... T is an italian catholic who has way to much to say and D is buddhist she thinks but they are SUPER funny! We showed them the importance of faith using a tea bag and then got on a really good discussion about the importance of positivity. Apparently T has been so negative lately he is causing negative energy to make him sick or so D tells us. Then we spent two hours in the most secure part of the mental institution here in selkirk because we have a less active and an investigator there. They had to lock up my possessions and wand me down and it was incredibly weird but we did it. Then we met a real live viking... not sure what that meant but it was pretty neat that that was the first thing he told us. Then we met an investigator who suffers from MS and hasn't left his home in a year or more because he doesn't have a ramp. Poor guy! he is super bitter about it too! hopefully knowing Jesus Christ loves him will bring him some peace! The people we have met have confirmed to me the importance of positive thinking! its so important to be able to know that you can change your outlook and how you react to things. I love how the people around me sometimes teach me more lessons then what i teach them. On sunday i went to my first PEC and probably my only PEC meeting... i guess that PEC will just be for the men when i get home haha. 

Sister porter is such a sweet girl. im nine inches taller then her but she is ten times smarter then me. she wants to be a mechanical engineer when she gets home and maybe specialize into something with space, she talks in big words. But she draws beautifully she is an incredible artist! She is more on the quieter side but i love her! we will have a good six weeks together! Selkirk is small but its growing on me! population of 10,000 here i come! 

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