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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sep 1...What were you thinking

Please ignore my grammar mistakes as i am going to be writing fast because I am running low on time... as per usual!
Well mondays in selkirk are extremely relaxing. There is no rush or fuss we just do what we need to do and EVEN GET A NAP! I didnt believe it when sister porter told me until i went and laid in my bed and closed my eyes... NEVER in my life of a missionary has that happened. SO GREAT! Also we sleep over at the gateway sisters apartment monday nights so we dont have to drive forever to get into town tuesday morning for district meeting (its like a fourty five minute drive from selkirk to northern winnipeg where district meeting is) and so I got to stay in my first apartment with Sister du Plessis. That was fun! We even found the book of mormon sign book me and sister rush and sister hutchinson started when we first opened the apartment. It feels like just yesterday i was there until someone reminds me it was almost a year and a half ago.... ouch... stab at the dying missionaries heart why dont you haha! 
District meeting this week was really good! it was all about Companionship Unity and communication and for me and sister porter (who are out by ourselves) communication is key because there isnt anybody else around to talk it out with. Then we ran errands all around winnipeg because we would be in town. We were able to go get me my medication and go turn in the receipt as well as turn in an accident report since our car was banged up before i got here! man did that take longer then i thought it would but it was all worth it in the end because i got to give sister menlove a hug. Then we had a sports night where NO ONE showed up. one of our members came who is the soccer coach who we apparently help out during the season but no one else came so he taught me how to kick a soccer ball. Its funny how people keep trying to teach me soccer and how i keep being not so good at it. 
Well i finally was able to meet our branch mission leader on wednesday and that was good! it ended up with his friend stopping by, him asking us to teach his friend, and his wife giving his friend a book of mormon. the members here are incredible! Online also proved fruitful as we got a new investigator from nigeria that we taught a couple of times and have turned over to the missionaries there! hopefully they find him! Then we met with a less active that sister porter told me was schizophrenic... and i dont think thats what he is. I think he has mulitple personality disorders but either way it was a very odd lesson that we might not jump at the opprotunity to do again. oh and one of our investigators who started out super bitter and closed off looked up what is prayer online, He also started closing his prayers in the name of Jesus Christ and reading the book of mormon... its incredible how god softens hearts. 
We met with these two little girls who recently got baptized and were talking to them about fasting that their step dad would join us in our lessons... so next sunday we are all gonna fast for that! its incredible to see these girls willingness to learn and grow in the gospel! Then we went and saw a branch member who is from scottland (in fact we are emailing at their house today because everything is closed) and they have the most incredible back story. They are true pioneers as they were baptized into a branch of four... them and two others when the missioanries left them to be on their own and they had to keep things running the best way they knew how until the sent missionaries again. The stories they can tell are incredible! 
We finished weekly planning in one day again! I love it when that happens. Then a set of triplets in our branch got baptized. They broke the record of number of people being baptized at once for our little branch and we even had to borrow a lot of jump suits because for some reason our small building wasnt equipped with three kid size jumpers. haha but it went really good! 
Our weekend was more eventful though as we helped a member move from an hour out of town to into town. When we finally got there sister porter told me it was okay to call where we were at the middle of no where (since i think everywhere in selkirk is the middle of no where) but once we got back into town it was getting all her stuff in the elevator that was the tricky part haha. the guys who were helping us (since there were only four) jokingly told us to go get the deep freeze off the truck and bring it in. We both knew they were joking but what did me and sister porter go do. We went and got the deep freeze and brought it in haha.... their faces were priceless but then they made us set it down because apparently we couldnt finish the job we started then sent us to get a trunk that was heavier then the deep freeze haha. Makes me grateful my dad had me help him carry all those couches and stuff. then we had a lesson with a member that turned into life lessons sister harrison and sister porter need to know and they talked to us FOREVER! it was good things to know though! A less active we are teaching showed up to church. She lives over an hour away and she hasnt been in years and she surprised us and just showed up we were shocked and SOOO happy! We also had an incredible relief soceity priesthood class on the talk What are you thinking? from general conference its incredible and talks about working with what we can control and trying to understand all parts of the situation and its my suggestion for attitude this week because it has a LOT of good advice in there! Also in sunday school we learned about jonah and the whale and how we cant run away from our callings... thats kind of a scary thought... but all in all my weekend ended with my district leader asking me how long i was in canada because he could barely understand me. Thank you... thank you very much. didnt think i talked that much like a canadian but apparently i do haha! 

LOVE YOU ALL! cant wait to see you
                                           Jessalyn copying her dads selfie in the background.

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