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Monday, September 8, 2014

Sep 8...Time is starting to soar.

Okay so usually I am all prepared and have a piece of paper in front of me that reminds me what I have done this week but this week apparently I didn't quite get to it haha.
So now I am gonna have to do the day thing to keep everything straight because its hard to even remember what I have eaten for breakfast! 
   Monday we made back to school kits for the kids in our branch and spent that night stopping by delivering them. I kind of worked with a hope kit that i used before and made it specific to back to school. So for example we did an eraser to help with the mistakes, a mint so they are always fresh, a rubber band to help them stretch, a paper clip to help them hold it all together, a picture of the best tutor they will ever have (Jesus Christ), and a chocolate coin so they are never broke. It was a really really cheesy idea but it got us into homes that we have been trying to get into for FOREVER and it really helped us show the branch that we love them. 
   On Tuesday we had district meeting with probably my favorite practice that we have had in a long time. We did minute doctrine where we were blind folded and picked a number and then had a minute to explain that principle. It was really fun... and of course i got law of chastity, luckily I also got baptism and so it wasn't like i was full of all awkward things. Then we skyped Sister Porters aunt and was able to start teaching her. That was really fun for Sister Porter and my little quiet companion sure does have a BOLD testimony that i am so impressed by! 
   Wednesday we were able to do a lot of different kinds of appointments so it was a really fun day. We had lunch with our branch mission leader and his wife and son (who is married and has a family of his own... thought i would put that in for age purposes) and they are always fun to eat with. They take such good care of us. and they love to tease us too and on wednesday apparently it was my turn to be teased about how i am going home soon and getting "married" even sooner... haha and as much as that is a goal of mine the idea of it is kind of scary as my mission gets closer to an end. Then we traveled for an hour out to a members house and was able to teach her a lesson out there. It is such a long drive and so in the middle of no where that it makes me suprised that a huge city (winnipeg) is so close to these outskirt beautiful areas. There are also some nice looking old vehicles on the property haha. (the blue one is a bus for the snow) We also saw some recent converts and read the scriptures with them because they hadnt done that for a while and were able to start teaching a family of five. They are incredible. They are a couple who does foster care and has four girls and so we have started teaching the girls who range in age from 14-20 so its an incredible experience that is bringing back memories of when Summer was taught my the sister missionaries in Idaho! 
   Thursday we weekly planned because we had exchanges on friday. Then it seemed all of our lessons fell through. but we always find a way to keep ourselves busy because if we slow down we are in trouble. (its easier not to get trunkier the busy you are... kaylynn has the right idea, dont give yourself time to get trunky)
   Friday we had exchanges and it was good! I got to go with Sister Haner who i have been on exchanges before. It was fun! We were able to drive out to Stonewall which is this BEAUTIFUL little town! I loved the scenery and the buildings... .I could spend a week there (even though it was really small and there wasnt much to do) walking on main street made me feel like i was in the movies. Then we got to go teach R***. He is so funny. He laughed for five minutes because we was like "i drank all my life tell ten years ago, and when i was drunk the girls came no where near me. Now I dont drink and I have five young ladies in my house" he thought it was the funniest thing. we all laughed for a while about it! Then we had the most INCREDIBLE lesson with a less active on the phone and she is just progressing so well. I love her so much. And we were able to teach the parable of the talents. My favorite parable there is!!!!
   Saturday is a special day its a day we get ready for sunday! like seriously trying to see everyone we can who needs to come to church so they are ready for the best day of the week! We were finally able to meet with two of our investigators again and because of that they came to church! We are excited for the energy we are finding in this area and hope that it continues to grow. on saturday night we got invited to an inner faith performance by an investigator of ours so we decided to go to be supportive. and it was INCREDIBLE! the music was so powerful and inspiring and its funny how everything they were teaching could be answered through the restoration. hopefully one day!
   Sunday! I love sundays. We get to partake of the sacrament and get to feel the love and faith of the branch and get to usually go to supper at a members house! yep sundays are good days! 

Today was Sister Porters nine month mark! HAPPY NINE MONTHS! so we built a fort and ate lunch in it... yes we may be missionaries but dont worry mom im still a kid at heart! love you all! cant wait to see you again!

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