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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sep 29...the hardest thing i'm ever gonna love to do.

This last week has been FILLED with mixed emotions for me because I love Canada so much and I know its not going to be the easiest or cheapest thing for me to get back to my mission but I also know that the hardest thing I am EVER gonna love to do is getting on that airplane Friday morning and come home to you! I miss you all so much and its weird to think that a computer screen and lots and lots of miles wont separate us anymore. 

haha I have one suitcase packed an filled because we dont have enough room in our car to take both me and sister porters stuff to winnipeg... YEP we are BOTH getting transferred. They are changing sisters to elders because there is SOOO many sisters going home... areas are gonna start closing like crazy because they cant keep sending enough sisters. I plan on filling the other two this week and getting ready to get back to YOU FINALLY!!!!!! because im coming home this week... i didnt really want to write a long email mainly because i want to be able to just talk to you about these things later on... I love you so much! I am so grateful for the things I have learned as a missionary and the things that I can apply to the rest of my future! I am so grateful for how much my mission has strengthened my testimony and i love you all so much and will see you on friday! 
dont party too hard until i get there :) 

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