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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sep 22...biking on my mission

Okay I wanted to start off by explaining my pictures because well... that way I wont run out of time if i cant finish all i want to say haha!
One of the pictures is me and sister porter with helmets on... we are biking/walking sisters now because our car was in an accident last transfer (it got 'scratched' on the side of a car wash) and will take TWELVE DAYS to fix... when they told me that i couldnt believe it because i wouldnt have even taken my car in with the damage that was done to it haha. but oh well... since my number of days and the number of days tell we get the car back are almost the same we are making the best out of the situtation! Also realized it may either be God punishing Sister Porter to talk to more people (street contacting!) or it might be God answering my prayers in an effort to get healthy and happy before I get home (you should be careful what you pray for.. i should know that by now as a missionary haha but it works i have lost five pounds since i have come to selkirk!) so there is the story of why I am sore and tired and SOOO happy.. which all dont really relate haha welcome to missionary work! 
The second picture is of me and a boy named J*** in our branch... he is thirteen. we had lunch at his place on sunday and he wanted to show me his halloween costume... it was a pretty intense halloween costume... his family is all being lego characters (apparently i missed the lego movie so i have no idea whats going on) but all i know is he put on his costume then started running towards me...scariest thing ever! he is bigger than he thinks and if he doesnt stop he could really take me out. but he stopped and i screamed and he laughed.... im gonna miss that kid.. hes like my buddy and he is the only active young man in our branch so i always praise him and his worthiness and willingness to use his priesthood! he is going to be an incredible missionary one day! 
Okay! I will start with this week and if i have time i will try to tell you more about last week!
MONDAY: We went to the city for pday activity for the first time since i have left prince albert... so many missionaries... i only knew like three... it was sad... but we played basketball so it made it all better! then we just kind of hung around as close to winnipeg as possible for the rest of the day. We had dinner in birds hill with a member, we planned outside the gateway sisters apartment because they didnt get home tell nine thirty. we had lunch with sister menlove at costco.... LOVE SISTER MENLOVE! and i got a bunch of stuff done that needed to happen before i go home... it was a very productive monday just a horrible emailing day. 
TUESDAY: we had a specialized zone training meeting that was all about giving members tools and having them pray for us in our missionary work. It was very inspired and very incredible. and I had to give my departing testimony which was hard... I have loved my mission so much not sure i could ever express it in words. But of course i saw Ed (st james recent convert) he comes to all those things... and of course the meeting was suppose to be done in time to get us home by like three.... and what time did we get home.. .like five, no big deal! but i think the best part was President and Sister Thomas made us recommend holders specific to the cwm with the regina temple on them! SO FANTASTIC! 
WEDNESDAY: We went to go see a member and what do we end up doing. Carry a table down the hall and around the corner to a neighbors apartment... its funny seeing old ladies worry about if you are lifting too much or not! Then we went and saw the L*** (the foster family we are working with) and they are super cute... they want to talk to us about boys and everything and their mom is so strict... its a funny dynamic to watch. 
THURSDAY: was the day we lost the car... it was a sad day... but its okay we only walked an hour to do online to realize the place we were walking to was closed... and how did god bless us for our efforts. He sent us to find D*** who is HILLARIOUS! He is a short skinny man who wears biker clothes with long hair but is the nicest smiliest man you will ever meet in your entire life and he is really helping us teach according to our skills because he wants us to put well us in our lessons... its fun! Then we went to the norwells (recent convert family) and had a lesson about the parable of the popping corn. what do you do under pressure and heat?! do you reach your full potential and become delicious or do you fall short and get tossed in the trash! really its up to you! 
FRIDAY: i waddled like a penguin most of the day because i was so sore... my knee acted up which caused me to limp which effected my walking just in general! it was really funny! but its okay because we weekly planned and did a phone lesson... i curled up in a blanket to avoid from crying haha seriously SOOO FUNNY! 
SATURDAY: I hit my eighteen month mark.... that was weird... and really unreal for me... but we celebrated with D*** by meeting him at dairy queen for ice cream. then it was pouring rain... our loving district leader said he prayed for it. so i looked like a wet dog. but you know what! rain is beautiful! so why not learn to dance in it right!!!!!!
SUNDAY: we started teaching cal who is way interested in religion for his age! he was so excited he wanted to meet again tomorrow! its weird to see how the lord still has a hand in everything we do even when we feel like we cant do as much as we normally can. Then we got a ride to winnipeg and was able to sing in the stake choir. Sister Emmers is an incredible arranger that really turns into MIRACULOUS music! it was so fun to sing it even though i wont be here for the choir. 

Love you all... and like kaylynnn said! See you next week.... AHHHH SO WEIRD!

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