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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sep 15..."best email ever"

Okay... So I was trying to be smart and wrote out all the incredible things for the week and was all ready to write the best email ever when unfortunately i realized I left it at home.. .next to my bed... smart one sister Harrison... and i would just make sister porter drive me home to get it but unfortunately haha we decided to go to Winnipeg for the day so I am thirty to forty minutes away from my apartment so here is to the recollection of a dying missionary on what i did this week... and then i will put my list in my suitcase so i can tell you about all the stuff i forgot.

Monday we were SUPPOSE to have celebrated Sister Porters nine month mark... found out it was only her eighth... and we built a fort and everything. our fort has a name. its flicka's fort... Sister Marx (the mission therapist) came up with the name but that's a story for a different day. Then we went on a crazy search for a navy blue shirt for family pictures when I get home... made me realize how close it really was... but it seems like we have found the perfect match. :) Then we had an incredible lesson over the phone... Kaylynn has all of these fancy gadgets that help with her missionary work haha my phone makes it so I can talk to a less active who lives an hour and half away one way... haha its crazy to see the differences in our missions but still know that God uses weak and humble servants to hasten his work all over.

Tuesday we were in Winnipeg for district lunch and you will never believe what happened. They made me do a portion... on how to be a successful missionary... they said it had something to do with me coming home soon, I kind of laughed because even though I am going home soon I feel like I learn every day how to be a more successful missionary... I don't think I will ever get there in this lifetime but I sure try. I ended up using the Climber, Camper, Quitter analogy dad sent me forever ago as a pep talk because to me a successful missionary is someone who gets up every day and climbs not someone who baptizes like crazy. It's courage for me to keep going in the face of struggle then to be able to put on a tough face and show the world that you can conquer it all. "It's the climb" as a famous artist once sang... but do you think I could remember who that was to save my life haha NOPE the mission veil has got me for sure! Then we went to a members house for dinner and I thought i would check the phone before we started the lesson... GOOD THING! We had eleven messages, seven missed calls, and six voicemails... apparently Sister Porters facebook got hacked and the mean person was putting horrible stuff up so we had to do damage control for the rest of the night and Sister Porter was pretty shaken up by it but we got it all squared away... i guess there are pros and cons to the technology we are using now days.

Wednesday we had a lot of member appointments. We were at members for dinner and supper (yes our lunch appointment calls lunch dinner) and then we were able to help out a member who was moving unpack some boxes... Luckily we were able to end the day with an investigator family of ours that are a foster home.... what was the rule with summer getting baptized? what were lessons really like i cant remember them to save my life?

Thursday we had another lunch appointment (i think this branch wants to fatten me up) and we were also able to have another phone lesson but nothing really exciting happened... I saw a porta potty in the middle of the street that i have to tell myself I CAN'T use every time i pass it because its so tempting... how neat would it be to say you used the bathroom in the middle of the street. We also found out we are losing our car for twelve days starting Thursday because of scratch its the worst... but im running out of time so i will add on to next week what i didn't get done... LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! thanks for the support and I will keep sprinting :)

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